Saturday, September 4, 2010

Senior Portrait Shoot

Last Sunday, I spent a really fun hour doing a Senior Portrait session with Gabe.  He had some really good ideas for the pictures, one of which was to include him with his violin, as he is an amazing violinist/musician.  We decided on a more "edgy" urban look to the photos, rather than a "pretty" bucolic setting.  So we started at one of Portland's graffiti walls, behind ASYLUM, the dance club, and moved on to my favorite of the two places (although it was hard to choose,) the very narrow alley between two buildings on Exchange Street.  I used my ultrawide lens to get a really interesting look for him.  The top left and bottom right shots are both HDRs, or High Dynamic Range photography: three separate exposures, bracketed to expose best for highlights, midtones and shadows and then combined together using a program called Photomatix.  It made for a couple of dramatic, gritty shots that really make Gabe look great! 


Anonymous said...

Nicely done Cindy. It must have been very rewarding to work with a person and produce such nice portraits.

fRANK d said...

great work there cindy

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Nik! I really love portrait photography. It's become a real passion of mine1

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Frank!


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