Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marginal Way, Ogunquit, Maine

Last night, Maya and I drove down to Ogunquit, Maine to walk on the beautiful seaside path, Marginal Way and take some sunset pictures.  This, ironically, was my favorite picture of the lot, and I say ironically, because directly after this picture was taken (in fact, my hand was still on the shutter button,) the rest of the wave splashed up onto my beloved 12-24mm lens!  Ouch--a huge no no in photography. 

Up until this shot, the waves had only lapped at the right side of the rock in the foreground, but this apparently was a ROGUE WAVE, determined to harm my poor lens. . .  It seemed fine at first, but when I got home and turned on the camera, the camera asked for lens information--it didn't recognize the lens at all.  I immediately took it off the camera and set it on a paper towel to hopefully dry out. 

After a restless night of nightmares about my camera not working in various expensive ways, I got up and tried the lens on the camera this morning.  It works perfectly now, but is still seeping teensy bits of seawater from the focal ring, and so I will reluctantly be sending it to Pentax Arizona to be cleaned, as the salt water will just stay in there, causing future harm otherwise. . .  Sigh. . . 

The worst part is that I could have prevented it all by putting on one of those ridiculous looking (but oh so protective) camera/lens raincoats that I had right in my camera bag. . .  Live and learn, folks. . . 

At least I got a nice shot out of the experience! 



Anonymous said...

Well you got a superb image as partial compensation, so it wasn't a total loss. For future reference though any electronic equipment gets wet, stick it in a container of uncooked rice until you can get it to a professional (if necessary). The rice is really good at absorbing moisture, but critical as well is to immediately remove all power sources.

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Nik! My contact at Pentax thinks they'll be able to get the remaining salt out and get the lens back to me pretty fast, and it still works perfectly, thankfully! I will definitely remember the rice trick though--good idea!


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