Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Acadia National Park Gallery

Bernard Harbor near sunset
Last week, I camped on Mount Desert Island with my family and managed to not only have a great time, but capture a bunch of shots I'm very happy with.  We spent time at Sand Beach, and hiked Gorham Mountain, which has spectacular views of the Park Loop Road and Sand Beach.  We took a whale watch, but unfortunately didn't see any whales.  We visited Jordan Pond and Bubble Pond and of course did the requisite touring around Bar Harbor and had lunch at Epi's, where we used to eat when we lived in Bar Harbor as a young couple. 

I've made a new gallery of my favorite Acadia shots that you can visit on my website.

I hope you'll take a minute to visit and let me know what you think.  If you've been to the Acadia area, I'd love to hear what you like doing best there.  Feel free to leave a comment here or on my website! 

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