Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rose Without a Thorn

Rose Without a Thorn
I took this shot the other day of one of the roses from the bouquet my daughter and I gave my husband for Father's Day.  I thought they were the most phenomenal color--sort of a peachy orange and they were absolutely mesmerizing to look into the centers. . . 

You can see this and many, many more flowers in my flowers gallery.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Cupcakes!

Vanilla cupcake
On the menu for the day
Anna Turcotte, owner of Love Cupcakes
The sweet little traveling cupcake stand
Chocolate cupcake
A couple of weeks ago, I visited Love Cupcakes in Falmouth to take some pictures and get some delicious cupcakes for dessert!  Anna Turcotte has been in business since June 1st 2012 and she's doing really well!  

If you can imagine the following two things, you've got a great idea of the kind of fare Anna sells: succulent, moist strawberry cupcakes that actually are made with fresh strawberry filling and the buttercream frosting has pureed fresh strawberries in it.  Or what I bought the day I visited: Orange creamsicle cupcakes with orange rind in the batter and buttercream (possibly orange juice too?) 

Anna is really friendly and kind and more than willing to make what you're interested in.  You can see her website here And you can find her open for business Thursday through Sunday, rain or shine, from noon to sell-out, which often happens quite fast as you can imagine! 

Don't miss this fun experience this summer! 


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