Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dunegrass Sunset, Ferry Beach, Maine

Dungrass Sunset
Fishing at sun set, Ferry Beach
Fishing Boat at sunset, Ferry Beach
Sunset Boys at Ferry Beach

A couple of weeks ago, I hadn't had the camera in my hands for, well, a couple of weeks.  That is always very disconcerting to me, so seeing that it was a pretty early evening in July, I raced out to Ferry Beach in Scarborough.  The top picture of the dunegrass was my favorite shot of the evening, but it was just a beautiful early evening: balmy, soft air, quiet on the beach despite lots of people out enjoying the water, air and sun, seagulls wheeling around, a man fishing in hip-deep water, small boys playing in the sand.

 It's always amazing to me that I can drive a short 15 minutes and be at a place this beautiful, like Ferry Beach.  And there are so many places like it within short driving distances from my house.  It's nights like that that make me feel so lucky to live in Maine. 

You can see these photos and many more of Ferry Beach here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Moonrise Over Portland Harbor: Explored on flickr

Moonrise Over Portland Harbor
I took this photo a couple of months ago behind Harbor Fish Market, in the Old Port and I don't know why, but I hadn't posted it anywhere yet, even on my website. Yesterday, it was explored on flickr, which is always exciting, because it brings a lot of traffic and a lot of people look at my blog and website. 

You can see it on Explore here.

But this tranquil shot belies what REALLY happened that night: when I got there, there were two drunk guys, listening to classic rock on a crappy radio out of a shopping cart and quietly slurring back and forth to each other. 

As I stood there with my camera, tripod and entire kit, a foot away from the water, they suddenly got in a fight over one of the guy's cell phone, and started rolling around on the cobblestones three feet behind me, shouting obscenities and punching each other! I thought, "it's only a matter of time before they knock me right into the water, along with all my gear!" and I got mad, because I couldn't even walk by them because they were rolling around so much.

For some stupid reason, I just yelled at them in my sternest "Mom voice": "Both of you STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I am trying to take a picture and you're fighting over a cell phone behind me? GET UP!" And they both looked really shocked and shame-faced, believe it or not, instead of whipping out a knife or a gun to kill me, and said they were sorry! 

I suddenly realized what I had done, grabbed my stuff, and marched off towards Harbor Fish Market, where a guy who was having a smoke out there, complimented me with a, "Way to GO, Mama!" lol!
When I went back afterwards, hoping it would all be okay, one of the guys had run off, and the other one apologized profusely to me! Too funny. . . But I WAS lucky that I got the right two drunks, who just happened to be scared by "Principal Cindy."

If you're interested in purchasing this image, you can do so at fine art america.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stars Over Sebago Lake

On Saturday night, I spent the night at a camp on Sebago Lake.  I was lucky enough to experience clear skies and capture a couple of pictures of the sailboats at rest on the beach under the stars.  You can see these and many other Maine landscape images in my Maine Landscapes Gallery.


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