Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to clear out some framed work

I am putting a few matted/framed works I have on a brief sale to make room for more work.  I'll post the pictures with the prices below. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these images, please Email me for more information. 

Bliss on Spencer Pond.  Finished size: 11x14 $75.00 Now $50.00
Moonrise Over the Red Barn, Pownal, ME Finished Size: 12x15"  $75.00 Now $50.00
Willett Brook, Bridgton, ME Panorama  Finished size: 10x20" $130.00  Now $100.00
A Rose by Any Other Name. . .  Finished Size: 15x18"  $130.00  Now $75.00
 I'll keep these framed prints on sale until September 30, 2011. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Departure from my Ordinary. . .

Great Egret, taking off the Boulevard in Back Bay 9.13.2011
Audubon Frog
Audubon Frog 2
Yesterday, after getting all of my work done, I decided to drive to the Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth, Maine.  As I was driving around the Boulevard, I noticed a tall, slim white bird standing motionless in the sea grass just beyond the road. 

As many of you know, Nature photography, unless it stands still (ie: landscapes!) is not my forte, so this was really a departure from the ordinary to be able to capture images of a bird in flight--I was very happy! 

And then, I went to Audubon and got some nice shots of the frogs that live in the little pond there.  They very obligingly sat still on their lily pads and posed for me. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the last of the Summer weather. 


Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Photograph an Inhabited Planet. . .

It's a Simpson Kinda World. . .
Yesterday, I was trying out using a grid spot on one of my flashes to do some product photography techniques I was interested in.  I have wanted to photograph this Josh Simpson Glass inhabited planet for a long time but nothing has worked the way I wanted it to to date.  Until now. . .

I placed the gridded flash on the black plexi sheet to camera left at -1 EV and it nicely showed off the details of the planet without blowing anything out.  And I love the reflection of the planet in the glass.  I sent the shot to Josh and heard back from him via email:

"Hi Cynthia!
      Just a great photo... the feather is nice because it speaks to the size and delicacy of the planet... but I also like the shiny surface reflection too.  Thanks for sharing it with me!   Best wishes -  Josh"

You should definitely take a few minutes to visit his website, which showcases all the different types of glasswork he does, from inhabited planets to vases and Tektites and has a wonderful section on "Josh in Action" where he explains a bit about his process and it has some dynamic shots of him at work. 

Also, I just posted my newly finished 2012 wall calendar: A Year in Maine 2012 with twelve months of new photographs.  Check it out on my merchandise page.  Please share it with your friends and family.  It makes great holiday and birthday gifts!

I'd love to hear what you think.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Using Watermelon to Make a Splash

Everything got splashed with this shot! 
Watermelon Splash!
We had watermelon left over from dessert last night, so I figured I should probably make some more splashes.  The slices of watermelon made a very satisfying splash no matter how I dropped it into the glassware--very fun! 

What should I do next?  Thoughts?  I was thinking sliced starfruit might be beautiful, especially backlit by the flashes against the background.  Keep watching. . . 

You can see the shots and many more of my splashes and pours here in my fruits gallery on CFW Photography.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Casco Bay Sailing Race and some news. . .

This was my favorite shot from the race--it's quite dramatic.
I love the splash of water and how it looks as though the sailboat is about to capsize.  They were really just making a hard turn.
I had the good fortune to be able to go out on my friends', Linda and Mike's boat last week to photograph a sailing race in Casco Bay near sunset.  It was not only exhilarating, as it was extremely windy and choppy, but it was a blast, because the boats were able to really speed along, which made for some dramatic shots!

You can see the rest of the shots in the complete gallery on my website.  I took over 250 shots, but discarded more than 3/4 of them and then settled on a favorite 14. 

Camden Windjammer Days Hoola Hooper!

I also created a new gallery called Lifestyle Favorites that feature all of my best lifestyle shots from skiing to model and horseback photography.  You can see it here on my website too. 

I have some news:  I have taken away the ability to purchase prints directly from my website because I feel it not only gives the site a cleaner look, but it will be more understandable to clients to email me directly regarding shots they'd like to purchase.  From now on, I will handle all price quotes and payment and make the orders myself.  You can contact me directly through the website by clicking on the Email Me area on the homepage below the slideshow.  We'll be making more changes to make it even easier very soon so check back!

Please feel free to forward any of my blog posts or web sites to your friends and relatives and I always look forward to hearing from you about my work! 

Best wishes,



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