Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help me out with your votes for my image in the Macallan Photo Competition!

Please vote for my image--I need all the help I can get in this competition!

If you click on this link for the Macallan Masters of Photography Photo Competition I would really appreciate all of the help you can give me with your votes and your sharing of this site with your friends and relatives and ask them to vote too!  Thanks so much, Cindy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

June 1st Art Opening!

Portland Harbor Skies is just one of the images that will be shown and sold at Borealis!
Beginning June 1st and ending August 1st, I am going to have an art show of my work at Borealis Bistro on 182 Ocean Avenue in Portland!  It's a really nice space with plenty of parking, and of course great breads, food and drinks.

I'm not sure if I'll be having a true opening or not, but if I do, I will announce it here before too long and I hope whoever is in the area or close by will come and support me by showing up. 

I'm going to have between 10 and 12 large framed pieces on the walls, mostly land and seascapes, a couple of panoramas, and a bunch of matted prints, both large and small in a basket or bin nearby for sale. 

I'd like to ask everyone to forward this post to all of their friends and relatives in the hopes that people will put my show on their calendar and make a point to stop by and see it either on opening day or throughout the next two months that it will be up.  Thanks for your help in advance! 

Best wishes, Cindy

Friday, May 13, 2011

Portland Skate Park

Zach Thibault takes a jump at Portland Skate Park--a 6 image composite.
Single image of Zach Thibault taking a jump at Portland Skate Park--an HDR.
Portland Skate Park rider on a BMX style bike, taking a jump.  A 4 image composite.
Another single shot of Zach Thibault taking a jump at Portland Skate Park.  HDR processing.
Josh Champagne at Westbrook Skate Park, taking a jump.  A four image composite.
Bryan Kilburn, skateboards at Portland Skate Park.  HDR.
Westbrook Skaters, Josh Champagne, Josh Sinclair, John Cobb & Kristian Gallagher
Well, I've been kind of sad thinking that the ski and snowboard season is obviously over for a few months until I discovered the Portland and Westbrook Skate Parks last weekend.  I had a lot of fun shooting high speed compositions of these guys skating and BMX biking and they are all okay with me pointing my camera at them over and over, which is always a plus!  Thanks guys! 

Look for more images to come as I'm planning on going back as I learn more about both BMX biking and skating tricks and moves.  Thanks for looking as always, Cindy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Flowers: What's not to love?

Tulips in my garden yesterday. . .
Alone in the garden. . .
Sherwood Gardens, Baltimore, MD on a sunny afternoon.
Cherry Blossom Festival, Portland, Maine!
Another lone tulip. . .
Tulips with a background of the deep blue sky. . .
Beautiful Cinquefoil I discovered on a walk in the woods in Maryland recently. . .
Sherwood Gardens, Baltimore, MD--Magnolia, Magnolia, Magnolia!
What Mainer doesn't long for the sight of Spring flowers throughout the long, long winters?  I know I always do, and as a result, once the Spring flowers start showing their beautiful heads, I take advantage of it, beginning with crocuses and snowdrops, cherry blossoms, tulips, magnolias and continuing all the way to the last hardy New England Asters and Cosmos in the Fall.  Nothing is quite so pretty as Spring flowers though. 

Over the last couple of weeks, since we visited my in-laws in Baltimore, MD, I have had quite a few opportunities to photograph flowers, starting with Baltimore's beautiful Sherwood Gardens which is filled with magnolia trees, beds full of multi-colored tulips, daffodils, flowering crab apples and cherry trees.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day and I had a great time wandering all over the gardens, taking shots. 

And just in my neighborhood, up the street, are two brilliantly pink cherry trees that are simply laden with blossoms (image 4) and scads of pink tulips blooming right in my garden. 

I was very happy to discover that in all the construction work on the Capisic Pond area last summer, the Lupine field that had just started to bloom well last summer had been left intact!  There are loads of Lupine plants growing, so be prepared for some more flower posts in June (or maybe even before!)
This shot was taken at the Capisic Pond Estuary last year during "Lupine Time." 
You can always see more of my flower images on my website of course. 
Happy Spring everyone!


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