Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cut Grapefruit Still Life

Three shots, bracketed to make the most of highlights, midtones and shadows, and combined. 
Ahhh, there's nothing like a spicy, tart and somehow still sweet red grapefruit on a winter afternoon, is there?  (Or any other time, really!)  I was about to have a snack of this, and realized that it might make a nice addition to my StockFood portfolio, so I quickly set up my camera with my favorite foodtography lens, the Pentax FA 50mm f/1.4, put it on the tripod, and took a couple of High Dynamic Range compositions of it--you can read about what the technique is by clicking on the link embedded within the words if you care to know more about it!  I like the effect, which brought out so much detail and a feeling that you could reach into the picture, grab the spoon and dig in, as I did with the real grapefruit about five minutes after the images were taken!  YUM! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cut Figs image featured on Toque Magazine today!

Cut Fig Still Life
Toque Magazine, an online magazine devoted to food, purchased this image from me yesterday for use in a wonderful Valentines Day article.  The article, which you can read by clicking on the hyperlink to Toque Magazine above, is called A Proust Moment for Valentines Day.  Please visit this wonderful online magazine and read the article and share it with your friends and relatives! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 

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