Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Year In Maine: 2014 Wall Calendar for sale now

I designed a brand new 2014 Wall Calendar called A Year In Maine: 2014 on Lulu.com and you can preview and buy it by clicking HERE.
This is the cover image: Old Orchard Beach Sunrise with 10-stop ND Filter, that you saw a couple of weeks ago.
You could also go directly to the site by clicking on the Lulu.com button at the top right of my page next to the beginning of this post, which looks like this:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

I'm very pleased with it because it's actually quite affordable.  I've designed calendars before and basically lost money because I didn't want to charge too much, but with this company, I'm able to offer the calendars for $20.00, which is about what I expect to pay for a good wall calendar.

I hope you'll take the time to go check it out and share this blog post or the calendar site with your friends and contacts!  Thanks for all your help and support.  Cindy

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Shots and some good news

From the very beginning of October, when I photographed the Acadia National Park area--Bar Harbor at Dawn. . .
From just before dawn, looking towards the beautiful Bar Harbor Motor Inn and the Margaret Todd, Bar Harbor, Maine.
Star Trails Over Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine.  A 15 minute exposure.
Bass Harbor Light at Sunset, Acadia National Park, Maine.
It's been a busy Autumn for me!  These Acadia area shots and more are for sale (and viewing) in my Acadia National Park Gallery.

Goodwins Mills, Lyman, Maine.  A 4 minute exposure taken with a 10-stop Neutral Density Filter.

Willard Beach Shacks at Sunrise. 
These shots are for sale in my Maine Landscapes Gallery.

October Sunrise at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  A five minute exposure taken with a 10-stop Neutral Density Filter.
 This shot is for sale (and viewing) in my Old Orchard Beach Gallery.

I also wanted to announce that I have recently made it possible for you to purchase prints directly from my website by clicking on the Buy button in any of my Landscape & Nature Galleries.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to browse through my galleries and please do share my blog and website with your friends, family and contacts.  Also, don't forget to become a fan on my Facebook Page!  I don't advertise in any other way than social media, so it is the kind auspices of people like you who help me to keep doing what I love to do and you love to see!

Thank you for all your support!  Cindy

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunday on Orr's and Bailey Islands & Chance to win a matted print!

A 21 image handheld panorama taken from the road above Mackerel Cove on Bailey Island on Sunday.  I love the  way the Cove curves around all the boats in such an embracing way.
Once again, Mackerel Cove, but taken from across the golden rod field. 
I drove up to Orr's and Bailey Islands with my mother and daughter last Sunday and we had such a nice time, driving all around. 

This is a 15 image handheld panorama of Lowell Cove on Orr's Island.  The light wasn't quite as pretty as in the other two panoramas, but it's also a very sweet little cove and I fully intend on making Orr's and Bailey Islands my new muses!
Coming across the Orr's Island Causeway, I noticed a huge fog bank off in the distance between the sort of alley of evergreen trees bordering the waterway on the left side. 
This tiny house sits right before the beach at Mackerel Cove on Bailey Island.  I took a small panorama to include the house, close up and the view of the harbor beyond.  I can't imagine how many people could've lived in this house, it was so small.
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You can see these and more in my Orr's & Bailey Island Gallery.

Also, please don't forget to like and share my CFW Photography Facebook page with your contacts all through September for a chance to win an 8x10" print archivally matted to 11x14" on Bainbridge mat of my most popular image, Portland Harbor Skies (below):
Portland Harbor Skies!  I'm going to choose one winner from all the people who have liked and shared my page since I began it. The drawing will be announced on September 30th, so don't forget to like and share my page! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Work from last week's trip to Deer Isle, Maine

The Deer Isle Bridge at twilight, as seen from the beach on Deer Isle.  I love the streaming headlights from the big truck that rumbled across as I took this 15 second exposure, and the resultant reflection in the mirror-smooth water below.  What you CAN'T see in this peaceful image is the CLOUDS of mosquitoes that were so numerous around me that it was loud in my ears.  Or the fact that there were constantly at least 20 of them clustered on the backs of my hands, ankles and neck, so I was swatting them the entire time I stood there waiting for the right light!  :-)
Stonington Harbor, Deer Isle, Maine, by twilight.  Not as many mosquitoes on this night, because there was a brisk enough breeze that they couldn't manage to come out in the force that they had the previous night!  Phew!
The view opposite the Deer Isle Bridge just at sunset.  A 12 image panorama.
Northwest Harbor, Deer Isle, Maine, just off Bridge Street after sunset.  A 10 image handheld panorama.

And last but not least, a VERY fogged in Deer Isle Bridge.  You could barely see beyond a car-length ahead on the trip across.  I'm so glad I stopped to take the picture, as it has a very eerie feel to it, doesn't it?  I love how you can just see the detail of the ocean on either side of the bridge but nothing else, as if the world has disappeared.
You can see all of these and more in my Deer Isle Gallery.  

I am doing a special giveaway next month:  I am asking for everyone to like and share my Facebook Page for a chance to win an 8x10" print of Portland Harbor Skies (below) matted to 11x14" with Bainbridge Archival matting.  At the end of September, I am going to choose a random "like & sharer" of my page and I will mail the matted print to the winner (a $60.00 value).
Imagine how nice this would look, hanging on YOUR wall! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Garrison Cove on Bailey Island

Garrison Cove, Bailey Island, at sunset.
Abandoned Dreams. . .  My daughter and I had a lot of fun shooting this dreamy old house in the buttery early evening sunshine until the man next door kindly told us that no one was allowed on the property. . .  Oh well. . . Got a few nice shots anyhow!
Garrison Cove lobster boats with a nice view of the famous Cribstone Bridge just beyond.
A little starlit view of the clam flats along the road in Harpswell.  I liked these silhouetted islets and the moon looking like a big star.  It was a beautiful visit all around to Bailey Island and I was sad to leave at the end of the day.
You can see all of these shots and more at my new Bailey Island Gallery.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New prints at Kennedy Studios today!

Well, I have finally bitten the bullet and will be selling archival matting at my Kennedy Studios location!

Hollywood Head Light
Beltane Sunrise 1
Snow Day!
July Clouds
Lighthouse Waves
I'm bringing all of these, among many others. . .  AND, as always, you can see all of these and many more in my gallery.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rose Without a Thorn

Rose Without a Thorn
I took this shot the other day of one of the roses from the bouquet my daughter and I gave my husband for Father's Day.  I thought they were the most phenomenal color--sort of a peachy orange and they were absolutely mesmerizing to look into the centers. . . 

You can see this and many, many more flowers in my flowers gallery.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Cupcakes!

Vanilla cupcake
On the menu for the day
Anna Turcotte, owner of Love Cupcakes
The sweet little traveling cupcake stand
Chocolate cupcake
A couple of weeks ago, I visited Love Cupcakes in Falmouth to take some pictures and get some delicious cupcakes for dessert!  Anna Turcotte has been in business since June 1st 2012 and she's doing really well!  

If you can imagine the following two things, you've got a great idea of the kind of fare Anna sells: succulent, moist strawberry cupcakes that actually are made with fresh strawberry filling and the buttercream frosting has pureed fresh strawberries in it.  Or what I bought the day I visited: Orange creamsicle cupcakes with orange rind in the batter and buttercream (possibly orange juice too?) 

Anna is really friendly and kind and more than willing to make what you're interested in.  You can see her website here And you can find her open for business Thursday through Sunday, rain or shine, from noon to sell-out, which often happens quite fast as you can imagine! 

Don't miss this fun experience this summer! 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I drove down to Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco, Maine last week and was lucky to capture a bunch of images I was very happy with of the thousands of daffodils that bloom there this time of year.  They stretch from the top of the hill above the river all the way down to the bottom and down a beautiful wooded path.  The light was gorgeous and warm that early in the morning.  It does your heart good to see so many daffodils blooming at once.  Birds were singing all around me and I was just about alone with all of those flowers.  Ahhh! 

You can see all of these images and many more in my Flowers Gallery.

As always, thanks for looking,


Monday, April 8, 2013

The First Breath of Spring in Southern Maine

There are crocuses blooming all over my neighborhood, in little patches surrounding shady trees, by people's front steps, in splashes of color in people's gardens and forgotten pockets of people's yards.  It's always so exciting to see the first breath of Spring in Southern Maine, so I put on the lens I'm testing out right now and got my clothes dirty the other day, lying stretched out across the ground to get some pictures of these beauties.

You can see all of these shots and more in my flower portfolio.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Speckled Axe Coffee

My favorite: The Ghanaian Chocolate Mocha Latte!
Dan, serving his artfully decorated (or barista'd?) creation to me.
Dan, pouring a beautiful design in my latte.
A heart-shaped latte!
Pouring steamed milk into a latte.
Bethany Moran serves up a beautiful cup of Java!
A little cup of heaven. . .
They also do pour-over coffee--a type of slow process coffee that results in an absolutely delicious taste.
Speckled Axe Coffee's Facebook Page

A friend recently introduced me to my newest addiction: Speckled Axe Coffee.  Located at 567 Congress Street (very close to the corner of Forest and Congress (in the old Central Yarn location, for those of you who know Portland, Maine) they have great hip Indie music on the speakers that is at just the right volume for chatting with a friend as you enjoy some of their incredible beverages.

I personally love the Ghanaian Hot Chocolate, which is a sort of Mocha Latte made with Omanhene chocolate from the lush forests of Ghana in Africa: Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company Wiki  The drink is rich and deeply chocolatey, but with just the right touch of sweetness and coffee goodness. 

So far, all the staff I've encountered at Speckled Axe has been super nice and more than willing to answer questions and allow me to stick my camera in their faces as they attempt to do their jobs.  The cafe walls are painted a very beautiful kind of burnt Sienna or dark orangey-brown and has hardwood floors and wooden tables.  A lot of light pours in through the front windows, making it a wonderful place to spend a little quiet time getting caffeinated.

You can see all of these pictures and many more on my website: Speckled Axe Gallery on CFW Photography


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