Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dawn Journey aboard a Lobster Boat

This morning, I got up at 5:30 to meet the Ready Brothers on Hobson's Wharf in Portland's Old Port area so I could photograph them hauling traps for Maine Food & Lifestyle Magazine (www.mainefoodandlifestyle.com) . The Ready Brothers, Brendan and John, own Catch a Piece of Maine (www.catchapieceofmaine.com) , a really cool lobstering business that has managed to use the unique angle of videoblogging about their work as well as taking regular photos and sending video emails to their regular clients.
While I waited for them to be ready, I took this picture of a rowboat tied to the dock--I liked its reflection in the mirror-smooth water.
After I climbed down a scary, vertical metal ladder to the boat, we headed off!
We headed out of Portland Harbor and one of the first beautiful sights was Spring Point Light:
And then we came to Portland Headlight--my first view of it from the ocean ever!
And then, Brendan and John hauled and set some traps:

How about THAT view from your office?! Although, I'm sure Winter, spent harvesting lobsters on an open boat isn't nearly as much fun. . .And then it was time to set some traps:
And: All too soon we were headed back to the "real" world of being a mother and a hypnotherapist--my eight year old was waiting at home and I had a client at 10, so I had to say goodbye. It was so much fun! Thanks Brendan and John!
And thank you all for looking!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cumulus Congestus Clouds

Also known as: The Clouded Kingdom. Here they are, since I removed the passports I made for Callie and Maya.
August Cumulus Congestus Clouds

It really looks like a place you could get to, doesn't it?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Walk at Capisic Pond

On Monday, August 4th, I took a walk with my daughter, Maya, her best friend Callie, and of course my trusty Pentax K10D. Maya and Callie had a grand time, picking wild blackberries and eating them.
We saw some beautiful Jewelweed bushes and they popped some of the seedpods--the pods, when touched, fly apart as if they are held together by springs.
They pretended that they were princesses in the magical Cloud Kingdom they were looking at as we walked back. The clouds were literally gorgeous. Maya wants me to print out one of the photos and make them Cloud Kingdom Passports, which I think I have done, but have removed from the post. There were these incredible clouds they called the Cloud Covered Kingdom. They're quite happy with them and I'm going to have them printed up somewhere so they can each have one. Membership to an elite kingdom. . . Isn't that we all wish for?


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