Thursday, March 28, 2013

Speckled Axe Coffee

My favorite: The Ghanaian Chocolate Mocha Latte!
Dan, serving his artfully decorated (or barista'd?) creation to me.
Dan, pouring a beautiful design in my latte.
A heart-shaped latte!
Pouring steamed milk into a latte.
Bethany Moran serves up a beautiful cup of Java!
A little cup of heaven. . .
They also do pour-over coffee--a type of slow process coffee that results in an absolutely delicious taste.
Speckled Axe Coffee's Facebook Page

A friend recently introduced me to my newest addiction: Speckled Axe Coffee.  Located at 567 Congress Street (very close to the corner of Forest and Congress (in the old Central Yarn location, for those of you who know Portland, Maine) they have great hip Indie music on the speakers that is at just the right volume for chatting with a friend as you enjoy some of their incredible beverages.

I personally love the Ghanaian Hot Chocolate, which is a sort of Mocha Latte made with Omanhene chocolate from the lush forests of Ghana in Africa: Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company Wiki  The drink is rich and deeply chocolatey, but with just the right touch of sweetness and coffee goodness. 

So far, all the staff I've encountered at Speckled Axe has been super nice and more than willing to answer questions and allow me to stick my camera in their faces as they attempt to do their jobs.  The cafe walls are painted a very beautiful kind of burnt Sienna or dark orangey-brown and has hardwood floors and wooden tables.  A lot of light pours in through the front windows, making it a wonderful place to spend a little quiet time getting caffeinated.

You can see all of these pictures and many more on my website: Speckled Axe Gallery on CFW Photography


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