Monday, November 23, 2009

New Images in my Stockfood Portfolio!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some recent architecture shots

I don't think I have ever been inside Maine's beautiful State House before last week. If I had, I must have done so in a fugue state because I'm sure I would have remembered how beautiful the Rotunda (above) is. I did a 15 image vertical panorama of it to show the majesty of that beautiful dome above the elegance of the Rotunda itself.
Just to give you perspective, above is a picture of the Rotunda from the outside. Many of you have probably seen it.
Above is a shot from the gallery in the Maine House of Representatives. And below, another picture looking up into the dome above the Rotunda. Wish I could have been allowed to climb all the way to the top and take pictures looking down, but I have found that generally, when one isn't allowed to do such things, there are probably fairly good reasons for that, such as the risk of fallingtripod, camera and all, to land on the marble floor over 100 feet below as suited Representatives and Senators click back and forth in their fancy shoes. . .
Below, are two shots of the museum of Maine animals in the basement of the building. I really like the way they used granite, which is such a Maine rock.

Here is a panorama of 12 vertical images of the Maine House of representatives, below:
The light was on the other side of the building when I took this 5 image panorama of the Senate House, below:
And a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to photograph a grand old Victorian Estate in Kennebunk that is currently up for sale, The Hartley Lord Estate, on 65 acres. This is the view from the roof, or widow's walk:
The front of the house (a 5 image horizontal panorama)
The front hallway, a 12 image horizontal panorama:
The grand dining room, which is my favorite room, a 12 image horizontal panorama:
The master bedroom--I can't get enough of these elegant old canopy-type beds, can you? And the real estate agent from Sotheby's Legacy Properties in Kennebunk, Rick Griffin, very helpfully lit a fire in the fireplaces of both this bedroom and the dining room for the vertical perspective panorama I took.
The back of the house. Such a beautiful day. . .
The carriage house, as viewed from under the side portico:
The pigeon-blood pantry or bar, below, a 10 image vertical panorama. The magenta colored paint on the walls was literally made with pigeon's blood, hence its name. The current owner, Robin Bernstein, told me that they have yet to find a color that can completely match it, due to the nature of the paint, and they have therefore left it intact, with the cracks and crazes in its finish, rather than ruin that interesting bit of history.
A 12 image vertical shot of the dining room, and my favorite image of the day:
I honestly think I would feel very intimidated, eating in a dining room like this. I'd be afraid I'd scratch the table or spill water on it or something. . .
And finally, above, is a panoramic shot I took yesterday at Evergreen Cemetery's beautiful little stone chapel. I used my newly recalibrated 12-24mm ultra wide lens. I've always wanted to take an interesting picture of this chapel. Next, I'm going to try to get in touch with whoever controls the chapel to see if I can get inside to get some panoramic shots.

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