Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunday on Orr's and Bailey Islands & Chance to win a matted print!

A 21 image handheld panorama taken from the road above Mackerel Cove on Bailey Island on Sunday.  I love the  way the Cove curves around all the boats in such an embracing way.
Once again, Mackerel Cove, but taken from across the golden rod field. 
I drove up to Orr's and Bailey Islands with my mother and daughter last Sunday and we had such a nice time, driving all around. 

This is a 15 image handheld panorama of Lowell Cove on Orr's Island.  The light wasn't quite as pretty as in the other two panoramas, but it's also a very sweet little cove and I fully intend on making Orr's and Bailey Islands my new muses!
Coming across the Orr's Island Causeway, I noticed a huge fog bank off in the distance between the sort of alley of evergreen trees bordering the waterway on the left side. 
This tiny house sits right before the beach at Mackerel Cove on Bailey Island.  I took a small panorama to include the house, close up and the view of the harbor beyond.  I can't imagine how many people could've lived in this house, it was so small.
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You can see these and more in my Orr's & Bailey Island Gallery.

Also, please don't forget to like and share my CFW Photography Facebook page with your contacts all through September for a chance to win an 8x10" print archivally matted to 11x14" on Bainbridge mat of my most popular image, Portland Harbor Skies (below):
Portland Harbor Skies!  I'm going to choose one winner from all the people who have liked and shared my page since I began it. The drawing will be announced on September 30th, so don't forget to like and share my page! 


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