Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marginal Way, Ogunquit, Maine

Last night, Maya and I drove down to Ogunquit, Maine to walk on the beautiful seaside path, Marginal Way and take some sunset pictures.  This, ironically, was my favorite picture of the lot, and I say ironically, because directly after this picture was taken (in fact, my hand was still on the shutter button,) the rest of the wave splashed up onto my beloved 12-24mm lens!  Ouch--a huge no no in photography. 

Up until this shot, the waves had only lapped at the right side of the rock in the foreground, but this apparently was a ROGUE WAVE, determined to harm my poor lens. . .  It seemed fine at first, but when I got home and turned on the camera, the camera asked for lens information--it didn't recognize the lens at all.  I immediately took it off the camera and set it on a paper towel to hopefully dry out. 

After a restless night of nightmares about my camera not working in various expensive ways, I got up and tried the lens on the camera this morning.  It works perfectly now, but is still seeping teensy bits of seawater from the focal ring, and so I will reluctantly be sending it to Pentax Arizona to be cleaned, as the salt water will just stay in there, causing future harm otherwise. . .  Sigh. . . 

The worst part is that I could have prevented it all by putting on one of those ridiculous looking (but oh so protective) camera/lens raincoats that I had right in my camera bag. . .  Live and learn, folks. . . 

At least I got a nice shot out of the experience! 


Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons. . .

When Life Hands You Lemons. . .
Make Lemonade! 

I found this great antique Depression-Era green glass citrus juicer at Goodwill the other day with my daughter.  I was really excited, because I have wanted to do this image for a couple of years, but I wasn't willing to pay upwards of $20 to buy the antique juicer to be able to accomplish it.  (Now you know just how cheap I really am!)  This little gem set me back exactly $1.99.  I love the addition of the little vase of sunny Jerusalem Artichoke flowers nodding in the background.  Enjoy! 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Harvest on the Harbor Image

Stop by Harvest on the Harbor's website to see the photo I shot for them gracing this year's banner.  This year, the event will be running from October 21 to 23, and you really shouldn't miss it.  I had so much fun last year, taking pictures for Portland Magazine and hope to be there again this year.  There is so much incredibly good food being passed out (not to mention fabulous wines and Maine-Made cordials, liquers and liquors!)  My favorites last year were a couple of different companies who made artisanal chocolates and truffles.  The Lobster Chef of the Year competition was a blast too and everyone who participated, got to taste everything once again.  YUM! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inside PHL featured on Damn, I wish I'd taken that Blog

My photo, Inside Portland Head Light, was featured on the Damn, I wish I'd taken that Blog today!  Damn, I wish I'd taken that , is a great, invitation-only flickr group with over 22,000 members and thousands of beautiful photos.  Thanks to Damn for featuring my photo on the blog!  Cindy

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some recent food photos from the summer. . .

I've been working on a lot of food photography this summer, trying to take advantage of everything I've seen that seems to pertain to food!  From the top:  One morning, I was watering the vegetable garden in the sunlight and noticed how sparkly the water droplets were as they fell.  So I quickly grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots of "Parsley in the Rain!"  The second photo is of three ducks we met up with at a wonderful farm near the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.  They were waddling away from us as fast as they could go, but I thought they looked so chummy I had to take a shot.  In the third shot, we were hiking around the rocks in Freeport when Maya found this little baby crab.  The fourth shot is from Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine--highbush blueberries--yum!  The fifth shot is a macro of blackberries at Gilsland Farms Audubon Society in Falmouth, Maine, and the sixth and final shot is of Lobster Chili samples at the Antiques in the Garden at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. 

Thanks for looking, Cindy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Healthcare in the year 2050?

Intermed Building, Portland, Maine

Last week, I was driving home from dropping off some work at Kennedy Studios , where I show my work, and I couldn't help but notice how incredibly clear and crisp the sky looked--a lovely, endless blue with wisps of white cloud floating by.  I pulled over in the parking area of the Intermed Building, and took some quick shots of it with my ultra-wide lens (Pentax DA 12-24mm.)  I really like how the ultra-wide perspective it makes the building, which is already an interesting building, look so futuristic.  These are both HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures comprised of three bracketed images, taken to make the most of all the highlights, mid-tones and shadows in the picture and combined together.  

I'd also like to thank all the many people who took the time to vote for my landscape photography book in Blurb's Photo Book Now Competition!  I really appreciate all the help.  A lot of people even posted my request for votes in their own facebook feeds, which was great!  If you haven't taken the time to vote on my book, there's still time and it still doesn't cost a penny!  You can either click here to vote or click on the voting icon that looks like a medal on the side of my blog page!  

Thanks again!  Cindy

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vote for my Landscape book in the Blurb Photo Book Now Competition!

Vote for my Book in the Photography Book Now competition.
Hi everyone!  I really need your help here:  I have entered my landscape book, Leave Nothing but Footprints, into the Blurb Photo Book Now competition.  I need your help to win by having you either post this link into your web browser: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1365431 or click on the orange and white "People's choice Award Vote" button above  (no purchases necessary, honest!) and give me a vote!  And if you are so inspired, please forward my blog and the link on to all of your friends and relatives and ask them to do the same, even forwarding it on to their friends and relatives. 
You can click on the preview above to look through the entire book to see that it is well-designed and worth your vote!  Thanks so much for your help everyone!  Best wishes, Cindy


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