Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some recent shots from this Autumn

Route 116, New Hampshire
Saco Heath
Saco Heath Forest
Saco Heath Aspens
Red maple, Yellow Fern
Halfway up Mt. Washington--5 image handheld panorama
Mt. Washington Base--12 image handheld panorama
Glen Elis Falls, New Hampshire--20 image handheld panorama
River Road Antique Cape and Autumnal Windbreak
Saco Area antique truck
New Gloucester winding road
These past two weeks, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger, as they sometimes say in Maine.  I've been taking Autumnal pictures for Maine Office of Tourism and Visit Portland all over the Greater Portland area and other parts of Maine.  I couldn't get to nearly as many places as I would have liked, of course.  And then we had some rain during the height of the foliage time, which took a couple of shooting days away, but I think I've managed to accrue a few nice images.  We also spent the weekend in New Hampshire, with my parents-in-law, and I got the chance to take a ride up Mt. Washington (only halfway actually, because the winds were literally 80 mph on the top!) and see the beautiful Glen Elis Falls.  I didn't have a tripod, so I couldn't capture Glen Elis the way I wanted to, but what I got will do for now!

Hope all you are all having a wonderful, colorful Autumn, as we have, and that you've been able to get out and enjoy the weather and the beauty of wherever you happen to be.  Thanks for looking, as always!  Cindy


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