Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Healthcare in the year 2050?

Intermed Building, Portland, Maine

Last week, I was driving home from dropping off some work at Kennedy Studios , where I show my work, and I couldn't help but notice how incredibly clear and crisp the sky looked--a lovely, endless blue with wisps of white cloud floating by.  I pulled over in the parking area of the Intermed Building, and took some quick shots of it with my ultra-wide lens (Pentax DA 12-24mm.)  I really like how the ultra-wide perspective it makes the building, which is already an interesting building, look so futuristic.  These are both HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures comprised of three bracketed images, taken to make the most of all the highlights, mid-tones and shadows in the picture and combined together.  

I'd also like to thank all the many people who took the time to vote for my landscape photography book in Blurb's Photo Book Now Competition!  I really appreciate all the help.  A lot of people even posted my request for votes in their own facebook feeds, which was great!  If you haven't taken the time to vote on my book, there's still time and it still doesn't cost a penny!  You can either click here to vote or click on the voting icon that looks like a medal on the side of my blog page!  

Thanks again!  Cindy


Anonymous said...

My preference is for the first shot. I like the juxtaposition of the lamp with the building. Best of all though I like that you went with some fairly natural processing for the HDRs. The very colourful HDRs have their place but I would prefer to see less of them.

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Nik! I like the more natural HDR look as well. And I agree also that the colorful, cartoonish ones definitely have their place, but I have yet to do one myself. I don't honestly know HOW they do it! lol! (Obviously if I wanted to, I could've researched it at any time, I suppose!)

Bert said...

Like the color, Cindy, and the addition of the lamp post on the first image definitely lends more interest.

As much as I occasionally complain about yet another glass facade, buildings such as this are definitely photogenic in the right light. I have photos of this building with window washers hanging like Spider Men :).

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks so much, Bert! I would love to see your pictures of it--I love how buildings like this can reflect beautiful light and skies.

fRANK d said...

I really like these two shots. Love the color and the sharpness on both. I've often wondered about the Pentax wide or the Sigma...but the Pentax coating is the icing on the cake as all my SMC lenses produce better color and contrast than NON sMC LENSES. They also eliminate glare better than most other lenses too.
Thanks sharing Cindy,
frank d

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks so much Frank! Yes, all of my Pentax lenses are just great! They really produce amazing saturation of color, low chromatic aberrations and tack sharp pictures!


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