Sunday, June 10, 2007

Other stuff I've been doing recently. . .

Over the past week I've been taking other photos, of course. The image to the left is an infrared view of the Fort Williams abandoned castle. It looked much more interesting in IR than it did in color. You get such stark blacks and whites, almost like silver gelatin photography, to my untutored eye!

Above, you'll see a photo of the Catholic church, Sacred Heart, I attended on and off through my childhood. My great-grandfather, Thomas Joyce, helped to finish it. He and his 2 sons (my great-uncles,) Thomas and Henry Joyce, did all the fine plasterwork from the columns to the fancy work in the dome. I wish I knew more about how they did it, because there aren't many people alive who can do work like that anymore. Unfortunately, the church is rapidly falling into disrepair because there isn't enough money to stop the towers on top of the church from leaking, so lot of the plaster in the back of the church is bubbling and peeling off. I'm glad I went in last week and got the pictures I did. If you click on my link for Photobucket, you can hear the organist, Rocco, playing the incredible organ for a few seconds, too. The organ, pictured below, was donated by a former governor of Maine, Phineas T. Baxter, in the 1920s.

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Cass said...

Cindy - That IR shot is fantastic, incorporating all the elements that are great about IR. Good work all around.


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