Friday, June 15, 2007

How to build a better lemon drop

So yesterday, my brother gave me some suggestions on how to improve my high speed captures. Even after I got the images I posted yesterday, I was still possessed with the idea that I could get the ultimate SPLASH! So I set up again, thinking about the physics of the burgundy glass I'd used before. I wondered if the inward curve of the burgundy glass had been diminishing the amount of splash I could achieve, so I switched to the glass above, which has an outward curve. VOILA! That was all I needed to get the image above. Now, my brother has suggested that a black backdrop would be even more dramatic. When I get back from my writing conference next week, I'll have some work to do!

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java junkie said...

Bravo! way to be persistent! i'm enjoying your photos and hope to someday talk more about our love for photography.

what camera do you use?
enjoy the writing conference :)


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