Saturday, February 8, 2014

Androscogging Swinging Bridge Morning Mist 35

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On the way back from my shoot at Five Islands in Georgetown, I managed to get a shot I've always wanted: the little suspension footbridge in Brunswick over the river. I just found out that it is called the Androscoggin Swinging Bridge. I had noticed a lot of sea mist or smoke on various smaller bodies of water as I drove home from Georgetown, and as I came closer to the footbridge, I saw that the river was covered in beautiful mist as high as twenty and thirty feet! I parked and ran across the bridge to face back into the sun so the mist would be backlit. It was gorgeous! The mist was undulating and wafting along slowly to the left of where I was standing. Hoarfrost about 1/2 inches thick decorated all of the trees and every surface on the bridge--gorgeous! I wouldn't have been surprised if little fairies started dancing around my head, honestly! You can read a little bit about the bridge here:

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