Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Article about me in the Portland Examiner today!

Fresh Strawberries in a white collander, taken the day of the article!
My friend, Joe Merrill, a columnist for the Portland Examiner, writes a column on photography on a regular basis.  He came to my studio last Friday and interviewed me about what I do as part of a series he is planning on professional photographers in the area.  You can see the article here.  And you can read more of his posts here. 

Thanks Joe--it was not only a fun morning of "Photography Chat", but you did a great job on the article! 

Best wishes, Cindy


Sus said...

That EZ-Cube looks very helpful but will have to wait till money isn't so sparce. When you were using "white cards" do you mean foam core or some other type of boards?

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Yes, foamcore boards of the sort you might use to back a matted photo for bagging and ultimate sale. I still use them often, when I want completely natural window light for something I am photographing.


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