Monday, March 7, 2011

Architectural Photography

The Ross-Hall Dining Room with exceptional views of Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
On my birthday this past year, I had the chance to photograph the Ross/Hall Home, located on Westport Island, a small island near Wiscasett in Mid-Coast Maine.  It was built in 1836 as a ships chandlers. It was later owned by Civil War General James Hall, a prominent Damariscotta citizen who led the 2nd Maine battery and was instrumental in the Battle of Gettysburg. He wanted to live in a prominent home in town.

One of General Hall's daughters married a Dr.Belknap and practiced medicine in the home for many years with the third floor being the hospital. The hospital was primarily used by women for childbirth and people coming in from the islands. Eben Greenleaf who reconstructed the home was born on the third floor. Drs. Parsons and Powell also practiced there and it remained a medical office until the mid 1960's.

A granddaughter of Dr. Belknap married a Ross and the home then was used as a clothing store called "House Of Ross" for many more years until author/illustrator Barbara Cooney purchased the home and donated it to the town to be Skidompha Public Library which it remained until Carol and David Blake (the current owners) purchased it in 2002 and had it taken apart and then reconstructed in Westport as one sees it today on three acres of Atlantic waterfront property.

The long bank of floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the water was added, but the remainder of the house has been restored as it was built. The house has eight working fireplaces. The garage is an antique Cape House from a similar period that was purchased by the owners and converted to use as a garage. There are also lovely gardens in the front and on the pathway leading to the dock.

You can see the rest of the photos of this spectacular home in my portfolio gallery here The pictures are placed in the order in which one might walk through the house. I encourage you to view this gallery as a slideshow presentation by clicking on the slide show button in the upper right-hand corner.

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