Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The last of the great tulip photos. . .

Magic Carpet. . .
Field of Dreams. . .
These shots were both taken in Portland's triangle park, near USM's law library with my FA 50mm f/1.4 lens. The first was taken with extremely shallow depth of field (DOF: or a very wide open lens, which creates the out of focus blur in the background) and the second taken with more depth of field at f/8.0 to show more of the tulips in focus, just for kicks and giggles. But what a beautiful sight they were however in or out of focus they were! My favorite is the first one. It rained the entire day heavily, and when we had a break in the weather, I drove to the park to try and salvage the day to at least get two good photos!

Thanks for looking, as always. Enjoy the day, Cindy


Lloyd said...

Do like the colors Cindy, the first is striking with the flowers fading off into the distance in a blur.

I completely missed any and all tulip shots this year, too windy, darn things wouldn't stand still.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lloyd! I almost missed all the tulip shots this year too, because I was really sick with a head cold and an ear infection for the last two weeks and barely dragged myself out--in addition to the fact that it was raining much of the time the tulips were blooming--this was a short break in the weather that made me rush out!


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