Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the forest primeval. . . Or a morning at the Audubon Society

I took this shot out at Gilsland Farms Audubon Society preserve this morning, lying on my back and looking up at the graceful forms of these two birch trees. I like how they act as leading lines to the beautiful blue, blue spring sky. . .
Then I saw this clump of ferns and thought, "Why not really ruin my nice clean shirt and lie on my stomach and look up at the ferns?" I call it "In the forest primeval," because I read once that the first trees were relatives of today's cycads, a type of fern, and they were ENORMOUS. . . This looked like giant fern trees to me from this perspective. A worms' eye view. . .

Happy Spring. . . Cindy


Lloyd said...

Nicely balanced exposure, keeping the sky blue and keeping some detail in the trees. Which lens did you use?

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Lloyd! Just the kit 18-55mm ALII--it has a fair amount of noise when you look at the DNGs, but as long as you use a good noise-reduction program, it looks like a high-class piece-o-glass you took the shot with at the end!


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