Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shaken, NOT Stirred. . .

Shaken, NOT Stirred. . . .
I had a lot of messy fun taking this shot yesterday.  After many unsatisfying splashes in which those tiny green orbs just plunked in and barely made a wave, I realized that I could POUR the liquid into the glass and have it cascade all around in a very exciting way, much like I have done with wine pours. 

HOWEVER. . . .

When I put the olives into the glass first and then poured, inevitably, thanks to the physics of the glass shape, the water ejected the olives out the right side of the glass and OUT of my composition, leaving me with some great pours, but NO olives in sight, or olives flying hastily out of the frame along with lots of water.  NOT what I was looking for obviously! 

So, then I hit on the idea of using one of the underwhelming shots where the olives showed through the water nicely, but had made a really pathetic splash.  I put the best splash shot together with the best olive shot and erased the olives into the splash shot and voila:

A Martini, shaken, NOT stirred! 

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Anonymous said...

Ingenious. Did you try pouring the olives in with the water?

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks! Heck, no! It was hard enough to get them to stay in there when I poured water OVER them--lol! I'm sure the same thing would've happened had I poured them in with the water--they would've gone out in the same trajectory as the water splash. . . But an interesting idea to try sometime, huh?


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