Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More panoramic madness! and a couple of other side-ventures. . .

Una Pano cropped

So, last night after writer's group, I headed to a chic bar in Portland's Old Port section called UNA and took an 8 image panorama of it by night. It had slight stitching flaws on the top and bottom, so I cropped in to get the best part of the picture. I'm pretty happy with this! (In each image, you can click on it to get to the full sized versions!)

PTGui wooden Chapel

This is a better version of the wooden chapel I posted last time. Dad did it for me with PTGui, which I can't afford yet, as it costs over $200 and I have put too much dough into other photographic ventures as of late--namely the gallery show I'm going to have in July and August at Terrell Lester's gallery in Deer Isle. To date, I have spent more than $700 (ulp!) on printing, matting and framing supplies. When all those framing supplies arrive in a week or so, I have to get down to the drudgery work: putting them all together correctly. *sigh*

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

I'm quite happy with this one too--this is the cathedral of the immaculate conception, the Catholic church my great-grandparents, Thomas and Mary Joyce, were married in 1905, so it means a lot to me. It is comprised of (can't remember how many) many images vertically shot to capture the amazing groined ceiling, and it is all built from white marble. The immigrant Catholic population of Portland scrimped and saved to pay for it to be built and it's quite beautiful and imposing.

Other news is that Dad gave me his currently unused macro lens attachments, a Raynox 150 and a Raynoc 250, which I used to make these nifty shots of crocii and bees last week:

Raynox Bee

Yellow Crocii

Purple Crocii

Purple Crocus

Little Miss Sunshine

Auntie Bee

I am thrilled with the Raynox lenses--they just sort of easily clamp onto the front of your lens and you move near your subject and snap away. Those bees were HARD to capture though--they move sooo fast!

Check back again soon to see what else I am working on--Spring has officially sprung!
Until next time, I bid you adieu!

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