Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Misty morning at the Portland Farmer's Market Ends in Insult!

Okay, so I just used the headline to grab your attention, but it did end with an insult. Read on to find out. . . This morning, Maya and I headed out to the farmer's market in Monument Square. I got a bunch of pictures I liked.

It was really misty and cool but there were tons of people buying strawberries, new potatoes, shelling peas and root vegetables.

When we were walking out to go back to our car, I saw this great big BEAR of a man with a really awesome dSLR of some sort slung carelessly around his neck and I pointed to my own camera and said, "Hey, looks like we're doing the same thing!" He took one look at my camera and sneeringly said, "Yeah, but I'm probably making more money. . ." What a wanker, right? I thought afterward that I probably could've gotten away with a snappy, "Yeah, but I'm probably having more FUN!' But of course I didn't say that. . .

I call this one: "Oh waiter, there's a bug in my salad!" Well, it was a fun morning anyhow, and we bought local!


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