Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Name your dream assignment--can you help me out?

I'm sure all of you remember this photo of Portland Head Light. Well, I have discovered a contest called "Name your dream assignment," sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft, in which the winner picked receives $50,000 to achieve their photographic dream. I entered with the idea of photographing every lighthouse from St. Augustine, FL all the way up to Maine at the "golden hours" of the day, dawn and dusk in my own style, eventually combining it into a book. I'm hoping that you'll all take a moment to past this link in your browser address bar to my entry and vote for it, to help me achieve this dream!


Thanks for reading and voting, Cindy

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Dima said...

Hi Cindy!

Great blog and very interesting idea. Good luck with it! I realized that it is not easy to raise support for an idea in this contest.

If that is ok with you, i would be glad to share a my idea with your readers.

Perhaps they will find it interesting.

Thank you! And again, good luck!


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