Monday, November 10, 2008

When Toys Attack--a frightening morning. . .

This morning, I decided it was high time that I cleaned my daughter's bedroom as it was quite a mess. Well, as soon as I walked in there, I was confronted by her old baby doll, Elise, who smiled eerily at me and said, "Mama! Mama!" I ran back out of the room, but she chased me into the hallway, where I managed to snap these pictures:and:

I finally managed to grab her and stuff her back into the toybox, but I had no sooner finished that when I turned around and discovered where all of our damned money's been going!I managed to grab the five, but he wolfed the dollar down like a greedy pig. . . I stuffed him in the toy box along with the baby doll, who kept knocking on the lid and crying. And then, I turned around and discovered that I was surrounded by a horde of vicious Littlest Pet Shop figures:

"Play with us! Play with us!" they whispered, all together, like something out of a horror movie. I backed away with them following slowly along until I got to the bedroom door, ran out into the hall and slammed the door shut on the whole awful experience.

I've heard a few high-pitched giggles, some skittering noises and a few thuds over the past hour, which is what prompted me to post this now. Just in case anything happens to me, you'll know who to blame!

Uh oh. . . What's that noise?

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