Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few new photos from yesterday. . .

I visited my cousin, Dianne, yesterday out in Scarborough, and on the way home, stopped by an abandoned house that had intrigued me on the way there.

I was intrigued by how run-down the house was. I wish I knew how old it was, but I'm guessing late 1800s because it seems to have Italianate design in addition to the nifty lookout cupola on the top. And I love the counterpoint of the intense blue sky behind it, as today is grim and gray outside.

Last night, after I was done hypnotizing my class in Cumberland for Weight Loss, I stopped by Woodfords Church, on Woodfords Street in Portland to photograph the lighted steeple with the almost full moon next to it:

Just an interesting take on a church steeple really--nothing too exciting this time around. . . But as always, thanks for looking! ;-)


Judy Beedle Photography said...

Was that yellow house the Widows Walk Antiques?

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld, CHt. said...

Yes! What a cool building, huh? Thanks for looking, Judy!


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