Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CFW Photography News. . .

As of November 17th, 2008, I am now showing selected larger matted photos at Kennedy Studios on 42 Exchange Street in Portland! Marilyn and Jerry Andress, the owners, have been really generous and helpful in setting this up and I'm slowly learning this business of publicizing myself.

You can stop by the gallery seven days a week to see what I've got there. Their phone number is (207) 772-8766 and their website is . I'll have smaller matted photos after this weekend, which leads me to my next bit of news:

This Saturday the 22nd of November, I'm going to be selling my photographs, printed in 5x7 and matted out to 8x10 at the St. Bartholomew's Church craft fair. The fair runs from 9 to 3 pm and there are at least 20 other tables of great gifts for the holidays ranging from jewelry to crafts, and at least two of the tables will be manned (or womanned) by my mother (and a wonderful artist) Maureen Farr and three of her friends from Deer Isle's new Red Dot Gallery! There will also be food to buy--so you can have a nice bowl of chowder or a cup of hot cocoa before or after you look around.

I hope you'll all stop by the fair to at least say hi on Saturday and I'd love it if you could forward this post to anyone else you think might be interested in going as we want lots of people to come to the fair and shop! St. Bart's church is off of Route 77 in Cape Elizabeth at 8 Two Lights Road (in other words, it's off to the left just before you turn to go out to Two Lights.) If you need to call for directions, the number is 799-5528 and their website is: . Hope to see you there!

In other news: tomorrow, I'll be photographing the Victoria Mansion's holiday decorations and newly renovated Turkish Smoking Room for Portland Magazine. I can't wait, because I've wanted to photograph the mansion for ages, but they don't normally allow any photography. I'll also be photographing the gala opening ceremony for the holidays there on December 4th, from 6-8 pm, which means I'll have to dress up. . .

You can see the Victoria Mansion at their website: . It's a beautiful old brownstone building with very ornately decorated and appointed rooms. The Turkish Smoking Room has always been my favorite. I'm very excited to see its renovated state. You can actually take a virtual tour on the website, which will give you an idea of how gorgeous the rooms are, or you can visit it for yourself and magically go back in time to the Victorian Era.

Of course a post from me wouldn't be complete without what I've been working on photographically. So, here is what I did yesterday:

It is actually comprised of three bracketed shots that were taken to expose for more full highlights, midtones and shadows. It's called HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. I really like the effect, which to me looks a bit like an old re-colored postcard. My father put it together for me using an HDR program called Photomatix, which I don't have yet.

And on Monday, I drove down to the Old Port and took this shot of fishing boats behind Harbor Fish Market:

I really like the rich, golden light and saturation of colors in it. It's a new favorite of mine and I hope you like it as well.

Thanks for reading and looking as always! Cindy

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