Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spencer Pond Memories. . .

Wow--Maya and I had such a good time visiting my mother's rental cabin on Spencer Pond last week! (The bullfrog above was our pal--he hung out by the edge of the water the whole time, catching mosquitoes and ribbiting mournfully every so often.)

Maya had a sailing lesson from Rufus:

She also did a lot of diving off the dock:

And of course, I did some night photography and early morning photography as well. This is a photo of sunset on Spencer Pond, on July 13, 2007: And below, is a picture of sunset on the 12th. I also got shots of the stars over Spencer Pond, which are kind of cool:

And this one:

I got a couple of nice images of the mist on the lake in the morning:
And this one was from the canoe ride we all took before breakfast:

We had some delicious dinners, played a lot of hands of Uno and scrabble one day because it rained, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves all around. (Ummm--Except for that spider that ran across my arm and book while I was lying in bed.) But other than that. . .
I'll leave you with one final image--this is how much fun we had:

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