Saturday, July 7, 2007

Night Photography Expedition ends with Spider Attack!

I went out last night to have some fun with night photography after I put my daughter to bed (don't worry--dad was with her!) I drove about five minutes away to what I like to call Airport Bay, which overlooks the highway (I-95) and the Portland International Jetport runway. It was about 9:10 pm when I propped my camera up on top of my Honda CR-V on its little tripod and did about an 8 second exposure to get this jewel-toned shot. Not award-winning, I know, but I like the colors and the clarity of the water, and the way the car headlights on the highway made one long white line. Here's another from the same series below:

Like it? It's a bit simpler. . . Still not rocket-science though, I know. . . Next, I headed to one of Portland's historic districts, Stroudwater, to capture a shot of Stroudwater Bay. This is where the "King Pines" were loaded onto ships to go back to England and be made into masts for King George's boats back in Colonial days. I looked for ghosts, but only caught the lights of a plane trailing across the shot in the upper right hand corner. Check it out below: The first is the original, the second, the original lightened in Photoshop: I would've kept trying different shots if I hadn't noticed a gigantic WHITE spider crawling on my foot. That pretty much killed anymore excitement I had about getting "the perfect shot." And finally, today, I trotted back out to Stroudwater (once again only five minutes away) and took Infrared pictures of the falls with my Hoya R-72 filter. I like the one below the best:

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hi cindy this is brian jones. i am from lowell MA. i am a photographer as well. i love light houses too. check out my blog photo website at

i am going up to Cape Neddick and Portland on tuesday December 16, 2007 to photograph a lighthouse winter scene. i have been up there a few times. i also do other landscape photography. check it out and tell me your thoughts. i like your work as well.i see you are a morning person like myself. i have spent many cold mornings getting that great shot. if you would like to share some photography stories i would more than happy like that. you can email me if you want at thanks


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