Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Visit to Baltimore, Maryland

We visited my in-laws in Baltimore last week and my mother-in-law was kind enough (as always!) to take me downtown to do some photography of the unique architectural styles of the city. The first photo is called Rainbow Rowhouses. Rowhouses are common in Baltimore, ranging from the lowest of the low-priced type all the way up to fancy townhouses.
This is a Baltimore narrow house--it is literally about as wide as a very small living room (maybe 15 to 20 feet, I'd guess.)
For some reason, I neglected to find out what this store was, but I have a feeling it was a copy store--but I loved the whimsical nature of the architecture--it's like a copy palace!
Here is a 5 image panorama of the Baltimore Hard Rock Cafe on the inner harbor at night. My father-in-law once again was so nice to bring me down late at night after our family party was over and let me have some nighttime photographic fun! He suggested taking the Hard Rock Cafe pano, and I'm glad he did, because it shows a bit more of the inner harbor character.
This is a handheld panorama I took of the inner harbor after we spent a lovely afternoon going to the American Visionary Arts Museum and the Science Center. After that, my in-laws took us out to a delicious late lunch at a tapas place right on the water.
And here is almost the same view, taken by night! Looks a little different, doesn't it? You can see both of these panos, which look very small here, in their full sizes on my smugmug panoramas gallery. And finally, here's a little preview of a huge panorama I'm working on from a really amazing church on St. Paul Street in Baltimore called Lovely Lane. You'd never guess from looking at the outside that the entire domed ceiling is painted to look like the heavens, complete with stars and planets and celestial clouds!
Thanks for looking! Cheers, Cindy

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