Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take a walk in the snow with me

We had another big snowstorm yesterday. Maya had the day off from school and she wanted to play with her cousins, so she went there and I went to the Old Port to take some pictures of the winter wonderland that was being created. The first picture is looking up Exchange Street. I liked the colors of the buildings and the shining streetlamp. It looks so cozy and inviting, but the snow was blowing hard and practically blinding me! This next shot is looking down Exchange Street.
This one is of Fore Street, looking towards the Customs House:

From there, I slipped and slid my way down to Commercial Street and behind Harbor Fish Market, where I took these two pictures of lobster boats in the snow. Maybe some of you recall the post I made in November that had pictures of these same boats dripping with golden morning light? Well, the only thing dripping was the snow that was blowing in past my scarf, let me tell you, but the boats certainly made for a pretty sight:

From the boats, I went around to the street Harbor Fish Market is on--I never think to actually remember what its name is, but someday I will. Here is a view of my favorite no parking sign-covered doors and the Porthole Restaurant:

That is across the street from the market:

I went inside and took a couple of pictures of dead fish, because, well, I couldn't resist!

And then I had to make the much rougher slog back up hill to my car, which I'd parked on Congress Street--a loooong walk back when the wind, which had completely been at my back during the walk down, was now blowing right into my face, along with the snow, which had begun to fall at the oh-so-respectable rate of two inches an hour, where it stayed for the afternoon, ending up dumping about 15 inches on us all told. This last photo is of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Steeple, being pelted by said white stuff.

Not one of my best images, I know, and yet I wanted to show the heavy snow and if you look closely at the sky, you can see thousands and thousands of snowflakes whirling downward. Hope you enjoyed taking a walk with me. Cindy

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