Sunday, May 4, 2008

High Speed obsession!!!

Martini Splash. . .

So I spent the last few days learning how to take high speed splash photography, much as I did last spring with the Canon poin-and-shoot. Only, as I have recently discovered, the Canon did much of the work for me! I've had to actually learn how to set the camera to freeze the splashes. Here are some of the best work so far, using only available full sunlight and a black cloth background I bought at Joann Fabric for about $2.50:

Strawberry Margarita. . .

Orange Splashdown. . .

Manhattan Style. . .

I understand how to set the camera, but even with bright sunlight, the black background sucks up so much of the available light that whatever pictures I took were extremely underexposed. Taking them in RAW really helped, because Photoshop CS2's camera raw feature allowed me to adjust the exposure settings and end up with the nifty-looking photos you see here, but blown up to 100% size, they look grainy and full of artifacting from being so underexposed.

So, I have been on a quest to find an less expensive light source that would work but not cost me an arm and a leg, so to speak, by purchasing true studio lights.

Orange Vertigo. . .

I discovered that Halogen worklights are extremely HOT and have a yellow cast to them. Then I discovered that there are such things as Painter's Halogen worklamps that in addition to having a true color bulb, they also have a frosted front panel that acts as a diffuser, which won't make hot spots on my photos. So that may be the way I go. . . To be continued!
And last but not least:

Raspberry Margarita! Cheers!

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