Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To all the evil virus-dispersing people of the world. . .

This post isn't going to have much to do with photography. Instead, I'm going to write a letter to the black-hearted individual who so kindly placed a comment on one of my posts that was in truth a lovely packet of FIVE different viruses: 2 worms, 2 trojan horses, and something else that I don't recall the name of. First of all, I cannot believe that Blogspot doesn't have the ability to detect such viruses and delete them before they are ever allowed to infiltrate people's computers. But I cannot imagine that people would actually waste their time creating viruses to destroy other people's hard work and things bought with their hard-earned money when they are obviously intelligent enough to do things that actually BETTER our obviously sick society. Shame on you, if you are reading this. While I am lucky to have a husband who is an IT professional, and knew enough to start my own virus scan and delete the rotten things from my computer, many people don't have the access or knowledge to get rid of viruses, and millions of dollars are wasted each year on ridiculous creations just like yours. Why not be a hero, and HELP stamp out viruses, instead of a nameless, faceless LOSER of massive proportions, as you currently are? I challenge you to try to find something good to do in society. Otherwise, GO POUND SAND my friend. . .
To anyone else reading this: watch out if you post or even click on Blogspot comments, because they obviosuly DON'T protect from such onslaughts.

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