Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sailors Take Warning

Sailors Take Warning, originally uploaded by Cindy Farr-Weinfeld.

So, I headed out to Portland Head Light well before dawn a couple of days ago after a week of 43-45 degree temperatures. I saw that the temperature was supposed to plunge down to near zero or even below and I thought, "There WILL be sea mist on the water tomorrow morning!" Well, there wasn't. . . It was a very pretty sunrise, but it looks quite similar to the one I took last week and posted here. It doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy myself, or enjoy meeting the three nice photographers who also braved the frigid cold. In fact, it was quite lovely to be out there. I had had a headache the day before that I just couldn't get rid of, try as I might with relaxation and Advil. . . It plagued me all night long and as I drove out to the lighthouse. But I noticed about a minute after settling in to the place I was standing to take pictures: "My headache is gone!" Who wouldn't feel relaxed and at peace, looking at such a wonderful view?

I took this with my brand new Pentax K3 camera and my Pentax 12-24mm lens. I'm thinking there is more noise associated with the K3 than there was with my K5, but the files are HUGE and filled with detail, so having to denoise after the fact is okay so far.

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