Monday, June 18, 2012

NOT Just Another Starry Night. . .

The Loner at Night
My friend Felice Boucher and I went out to Scarborough Marsh together last night to photograph the stars, and I was thrilled to be able to capture my favorite lone tree with a majestic starry background.  It was so beautiful out there last night.  There were crickets chirping, the sound of the water currents in the marsh beside us, and the carpet of stars above us.  We ended up staying for almost THREE HOURS we were having so much fun!  I'm tired today, but it was well worth it. 
Bridge to the Stars
The above shot was actually taken before the tree shot, when we were walking out the path towards the tree.  I like the leading lines of the bridge and the sort of sun-settish light on the horizon.  This is actually the light of either Portland or Scarborough, not sunset light, as this was taken at 9:45 at least.  Cool nonetheless!

You can see these two shots and a bunch of others in my Scarborough Marsh Gallery.

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