Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Recent Landscape Work

Clockwise from top left: OOB, Pink Skies at Night, January Moonrise, Ferry Beach Dunes at Sunset, OOB Sunset, Ferry Beach Sunset, Vertical Ferry Beach Sunset and Moonrise Over the Ferry Beach Dunes.
I've been going back to my original muse lately: landscapes.  I have been trying some new things out: shooting at quite small apertures to really create a star effect with the setting sun, using a polarizing filter on my ultrawide and using an ND8 (A neutral density filter) to lengthen evening or morning exposures for interesting effects such as streaming water or moving clouds. 

You can see all of these images separately in my Maine Landscapes Gallery and my Old Orchard Beach Gallery

As I look out the skylight over my desk, I can see beautiful puffy white clouds floating by and I am wishing I were out there taking pictures even now.  Keep your eyes peeled for more work soon. 

Happy Early Spring everyone! 



Lauren Blackwell said...

Beautiful work, Cindy. I am glad you are out and about doing your landscape work. It makes me wish we'd hooked up so you could've showed me some good locations--and taught me a few things! Well done!

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Lauren! I wish we could've gone out to photog too! Next time you come up, hopefully I'll be around too!


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