Monday, January 9, 2012

Wishing for some snow

Taken last January at Portland's Downtown Showdown
Taken last February at Sunday River's Dumont Cup Competition.  A 7 image composite of one jump.
A four image composite of one jump at Sunday River's Dumont Cup Competition
Dog sled race, taken last winter at Bridgton's Musher's Bowl
Sled Dogs on the frozen lake, Bridgton Musher's Bowl
Snowboarding near sunset at Portland's Payson Park, taken last year
Taken at one of last year's Super Hit Sunday at Shawnee Peak

I am wishing for snow at this point.  Even in Portland, we usually have a fair amount of snow by January 9th, but most of the scant inch we got last week melted away over the weekend.  So I thought if I posted a few pictures from last year's snowy fun, it might bring on the white stuff.  

As always, you can see much more from each of these shoots on my website by clicking here.

I'll be photographing more snowboarding at Payson Park this winter.  Jeff Tarling, one of the Payson Park managers, contacted me last week and I found out that they are going to be doing a program"called "Wipe out Wednesdays' where kids on early release from school days are able to get some basic snowboard & skiing coaching or tips." How cool is that?

I'll also be going back for this year's Downtown Showdown and the Dumont Cup 2012, and hopefully many more fun winter events, so check back!  

Thanks for looking, Cindy 


Anonymous said...

Stunning shots, Cindy!! Almost makes me wish for snow... almost. LOL

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Christy!


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