Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Few recent Shots of one of my favorite subjects

An 8-image HDR panorama taken at close range to Portland Head Light's beautiful lightkeeper's house.
A 15 image HDR panorama of Portland Head Light from a more traditional perspective.
A 10 image HDR panorama taken 45 minutes before the second panorama in the queue--I love the warm, late afternoon light, and the sight of what turned out to be an enormous oil tanker on the horizon.  The South Portland bridge was open for a looooonnnggg time while this boat went through and traffic was really backed up as I headed home, despite a stop at the grocery store in South Portland first!
A single shot HDR at close range to the Light Keeper's house and Portland Head Light. 
It was such a beautiful afternoon--I had been on the fence as to whether or not to go out to Portland Head Light for sunset.  I've taken so many pictures of it, obviously. . .  But Marilyn, one of the gallery owners at Kennedy Studios recently told me that people always want more shots of Portland Head Light, so who am I to go against what people want?  ;-) 

A new collage of my most popular images on my portfolio site in place of the rotating slideshow that I have never liked much.  Check out my website by clicking here 
I hope you'll take a moment to go see how the new collage/banner looks on my homepage.  I'd love to get some feedback on it.  If it doesn't show up in its entirety unless you scroll down a bit, I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks for looking!  Cindy


Nikhil said...

I think the first and third images are absolutely stunning! The first is a departure for you, compositionally. And I think it brings an excellent freshness to your shots of this subject.

I've mentioned before that I am not too keen on HDRs, but it is photos like these that are bringing me around. Very nicely done.

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks so much Nik! That means so much coming from a photographer of your caliber! I think the first one is a real departure too--it just kind of occurred to me the other day--actually, the reason I've never taken that particular perspective of the lighthouse is that there are several signs posted around there that say KEEP OFF THE GRASS! I figured since it was dead for the season, it might be okay! Yes, I don't like overdone HDR either, but sometimes HDR really works if you keep it somewhat subtle. . .

Bruce said...

Not bad. Kidding!! Always love your panoramas, but the one I like best in this series is the single. Just me.

Cheers, B

James said...

The last one is my favorite, Cindy.Which lens did you use? I would love to see that shot with a light on in one of the second story windows. Good work...I never tire of seeing a new (or even en old)shot of PHL.

Best regards,

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Bruce! lol!

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Jim! I shot with the Pentax DA 12-24mm--my favorite lens, easily. . . A light would've been good in one of the windows, I agree!

James said...

My favorite lens too, Cindy. Did you use lens correction in PS to remove barrel distortion ?...the vertical lines are perfect.

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Thanks Jim,

No, I only have Photoshop CS4 (until possibly tomorrow, when my copy of CS5 should happily be arriving--finally bit the bullet and bought it!) I use two wonderful tools in the Edit menu of Photoshop. One is Edit>Transform>Warp and then the other is Edit>Transform>Distort, both of which can easily be used to correct keystoning, warped lines, etc, etc!


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