Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My photographic life just got a little easier. . .

Before I mention the good news that may not be quite as exciting to y'all as it was to me, I'll show you a few recent images I'm happy with. I went to Old Orchard Beach for sunrise Sunday morning (9.20.09) with my mother, Jon and Maya. These first two images, I call "The Human Element" and "Sunrise at the Pier." It was not only a beautiful morning, but a great one. We went out afterward to the Higgins Beach Inn and had breakfast at 8 am. YUM!
I took this image a couple of weeks ago (Labor Day Weekend) while visiting my father and step-mother. I call it "The House that Horror Built," as it is Stephen King's wonderfully funky Bangor home at twilight!
Peeling apples. . .
Raspberry Martinis. . .
Raspberry, Blueberry, Pecan Breakfast. . .
Forbidden Fruit, my homage to the Twilight Series, by Stephenie Meyer. . .
And now, as Monty Python's Flying Circus used to say all those years ago, for something completely different: recently, I discovered that one of my lenses was doing something called "front focusing," meaning it wasn't focusing in the places I was asking it to focus and there was no way for me to correct it. After contacting Pentax tech services, I was informed that I would have to send the lens in WITH my camera body to have them calibrated together. Most likely, I would have my camera back within 15-20 business days from the time they got it. . .


Well, that would never do, I knew, as I have multiple photo assignments now and couldn't be parted from a camera for that long. So I called Pentax again and explained my situation carefully. I was sent "upstairs" to a nice guy named Joe, who sent me a packet of information about something called The Pentax Professional Service Program," which, if I was approved, would allow me, among other services, to get a loaner camera while I sent my camera and lens in to be calibrated.

Well, I received the packet, filled out the application and provided all of the necessary things to prove that I am indeed a professional in need of services, sent it in on Friday morning. I saw that they'd received it yesterday with delivery confirmation, and this morning, I got a call from Joe informing me that I am now in the program! They're sending me a loaner camera immediately so I can get my lens and camera calibrated. I'm just amazed at how fast they came through for me!

Thanks Joe!

Thanks for reading, Cindy

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