Thursday, June 14, 2007

High Speed Photography

This morning, I decided to experiment with high-speed photography. At first, I was trying to capture limes and lemons dropping into a wine glass at 800 ISO and 1/3200 second speed. The effects were super grainy. After talking with my brother, he suggested turning the ISO as low as it could go but keeping the shutter speed up. So I turned the ISO down to 80 and kept it at 1/3200 second. These are the photos I came out with.

To the right is another effort at 80 ISO, but below, is what would've been my favorite photograph because of the amazing wall of water surrounding the top of the glass, but it was taken at 800 ISO and therefore, super grainy. I include it because I couldn't throw it away! It was Maya's last day of 1st grade, so I decided to devote most of the morning to photography before I lost my daylong "freedom" for the summer.

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